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Support your entire being – spiritually, physically & emotionally –  by enjoying a relaxing energy healing and / or massage. If you suffer from one of the following conditions, energy healing may help you as it activates your bodies ability to heal itself.

  • Anxiety or PTSD
  • Brain fog
  • Relationship blocks/break down
  • Weight loss
  • Re-occurring health issues
  • Lack of opportunities
  • Negative self talk
  • Emotional or phsyical trauma
  • Unable to have healthy boundaries, speak up or live in your power
  • Negative energy in and around you

Missy tailors a healing session to suit your needs. Mixing a variety of healing modalities  to refresh and restore your whole body.  Missy’s most popular services are listed below but feel free to get in touch and request a customised package to suit your needs.

Energy Healing / Massage services:
  • Full Body Intuitive Energy Healing Massage
    60min $140
Let Missy treat you to:  Chakra balancing, Crystal use / placement, Full body relaxation massage, Aromatherapy, Organic Herbal Tea, Messages from your guides, Energy healing & smudging  & Reflexology.
  • Foot Treatment & Massage
    30min $50
Let Missy treat you to:  Foot spa with Salts & Magnesium for health and wellbeing, Aromatherapy oils, Flower petals and Foot massage for relaxation and reflexology.
Combination healing + reading packages:

Visit Missy in person to take advantage of these packages.

  • Combination Standard Package 
    1.5 – 2hrs $180

Let Missy treat you to:  Hot tea or cold juice on arrival, psychic reading (intuitive, Angel & Tarot), Chakra & Aura reading  & cleansing, Numerology reading, Astrology Readings, Past life reading PLUS an individual crystal chose just for you.

  • Combination Deluxe Package 
    2.5 – 3 hrs $250

Let Missy treat you to: everything in the Standard Package PLUS a full body spiritual healing & relaxation massage!

Sounds like heaven?  It is!